Led Downlights On Sale

Order Direct Online and Save on rising energy costs! An initial investment in new technology Led Downlights could halve your lighting costs up to 50% savings on your next household lighting bill!

LED Downlights – Globes & Complete Fixtures

On our website you’ll find a range of popular LED downlight bulbs (eg. MR16, GU10, MR11, & AR111). We also stock complete LED down light replacements for various ceiling cut-out sizes. Our parts for LED downlights include a dimmer, chrome trim, and transformer.

When replacing existing halogen or MR16 LED downlights it is often easiest to stick with the existing lighting layout. This approach is completely fine in most cases. Keep in mind that these LED downlights are often brighter than old halogens or LED globes. So for maximum energy efficiency you may be able to reduce the total number of lights present when switching to these LED downlights.

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